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Why Me

I am a new father.  The blog is called truck and lasso after a phrase I used to make my three-year-old nephew say because it sounded like something else.

I’d like to think I have a New Yorker Magazine sense of humor, but, frankly, I don’t get the cartoons.  So, we’ll settle for Kool and the Gang.

I cherish my wife, my new son, small moments and life changes.  I am constantly amazed when my little guy does anything.  And when he does nothing.  I tortured my mother, but love her with all my heart.  So, I’m due for payback.

I’ll blog about everything, as being a father will guide every decision, observation and action, even if seemingly unrelated to my son.  I’ll post stories from my childhood that are more relevant now that I have a child (and I’ll cross my fingers I’m not repaid in spades).  I’ll share some advice that worked for me and tips that help me raise my child.

And if you take any of my advice or tips, you’re on your own.


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