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Runway Model

Roscoe and I had a weekend to ourselves and visited the Airplane Observation Deck, or Observation Park, at Raleigh’s RDU airport. The fact that it even exists is a little known secret and that’s a shame. Or maybe it’s not. We practically had the whole park to ourselves and little guy had a blast. There is free parking, a grassy area with a small runway for kids to explore, plaques with all of the planes that come in and out of the airport, a playground, picnic area, facilities and a large deck overlooking RDU’s largest runway. The coolest thing about the experience, for me, is that the control tower communications are funneled through loud speakers onsite.

Watching for mommy’s plane

There is an access road between the deck and the runway where rental car shuttle buses take the masses from the rental facility to the terminals. Roscoe and I were up on the deck and huge airplanes were taking off 100 yards away, and Roscoe, meanwhile, is looking at the access road and shouting,

Bus! Bus!

Thus, the Bus Observation Deck at RDU is a great place to take the kids.



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