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Runway Model

Roscoe and I had a weekend to ourselves and visited the Airplane Observation Deck, or Observation Park, at Raleigh’s RDU airport. The fact that it even exists is a little known secret and that’s a shame. Or maybe it’s not. We practically had the whole park to ourselves and little guy had a blast. There is free parking, a grassy area with a small runway for kids to explore, plaques with all of the planes that come in and out of the airport, a playground, picnic area, facilities and a large deck overlooking RDU’s largest runway. The coolest thing about the experience, for me, is that the control tower communications are funneled through loud speakers onsite.

Watching for mommy’s plane

There is an access road between the deck and the runway where rental car shuttle buses take the masses from the rental facility to the terminals. Roscoe and I were up on the deck and huge airplanes were taking off 100 yards away, and Roscoe, meanwhile, is looking at the access road and shouting,

Bus! Bus!

Thus, the Bus Observation Deck at RDU is a great place to take the kids.



Boa, Dude

See, when I asked for a boa? I meant a snake. A frigging snake.


Roscoe’s mother will only allow half of a banana a day because too many bananas will stop him up. She was out of town last week and I had to manage being a dad, being busy at work and a sick pup. I figured any task I could eliminate would be to my benefit.

So, I fed him nine bananas a day. Didn’t change one poopy diaper. Times three and a half days, that’s fifteen minutes right there.


Now Roscoe wants an iPhone.

Woo Pig Sooie

What a ham!

Reluctant Skunk

You've got to be kidding me.


Mom’s out of town this week. We’re playing a lot of punk rock during playtime. May have laid it on a little thick.


Pumpkin Patch


Central Park

Last year about this time I was at a friend’s wedding in Brooklyn. This weekend, we are taking the family to visit friends in DC. There is a sense of energy in big cities that doesn’t exist anywhere else. There is a sense that everyone wants to be doing something different, and discovering things about people tends to play out like a good plot.

An old boss, the buttoned up, nerdy account leader with a degree in math and the awful habit of giving me notes on body language in client meetings was actually Mr. Leather 1998?

Runner up, anyway.

And now I’m racked with what to pack for Roscoe, the perfect time to leave to avoid as much beltway traffic as possible and worried about arriving too late Friday night to wake our friends, who have a child of their own. Where do I stop to feed him- I can’t possibly stop in a rest area after dark! And the general anxiety about having a child in the back seat while I’m cruising down the Devil’s main drive (that’s what most people down here call DC).

This anxious, broke and balding father was actually a decent playwright?

So, here’s to discovery.

Overheard in Target

A toddler attempting to engage his father in play is politely rebuffed.

Father: I’m tired, buddy. Let’s just get what we need to get and head home. We’ll play later.

The toddler runs over to his mom, tugs on her shirt.

Toddler: Can we change daddy’s batteries?

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