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Roscoe’s Favorite Song

My wife and I, mostly I, really try to build Roscoe’s audio palette with quality, influential, fun and far-reaching music.  World music lullabyes, the bounce of the Shins and They Might Be Giants, the purity of Woody Guthrie and the smart, steady beat of old country and rockabilly artists like Buddy Holly, Charlie Feathers and Johnny Cash.

And Roscoe likes this the best:


Mixtape: Cry to Me

Jerry Wexler, then a producer with Atlantic Records, called Solomon Burke “the greatest soul singer of all time.”  This punchy song from 1962 makes a strong argument for that title.  Cry to Me made a comeback in the 1980s in a cheesy, but much beloved movie.  Anyone know?  Think Catskills and nose job.

Mixtape: Nice Fox

When you have a kid, everything else, well “it don’t mean nothing at all.”  Bonus that the song, Nice Fox, comes from local NC band The Rosebuds.


Mixtape: Fresh Feeling

A great song from The Eels, a band I used to listen to in college.  Younger generations might know it as that song from that scene at the end of Scrubs when JD figures it all out.  I’m old enough to remember when Doogie figured it all out via a cutting edge diary entry- on his computer!

Mixtape: You Belong to Me

“Even my voice belongs to you.”  A simple but powerful song by Sam Cooke, one of the best pure voices of all time.

Mix Tape: Wake Up

I love this song.  It’s a cautionary tale to kids, big and small.

Mixtape: Raising Arizona

A peppy version of a surprisingly bittersweet song.  I always think about the music in Raising Arizona, a classic film about new parents, when I listen to Wilf Carter.

Mixtape: Heart and Bones

This is a great song by a band that will become very popular very soon.  I heard it streaming my favorite radio station, The Current, in Minneapolis, and immediately thought of my wife and Roscoe.

Mixtape: Just Kissed My Baby

One of the greatest funk tracks of all time.  The song has a whole new meaning now that I’m a father, and the feeling won’t wear off for a while.

Mixtape: To Mom, from Roscoe and Dad

This a great song.  Sad but hopeful.  It works for moms who need a break.  Or heroin addicts.  My wife is squarely in the former category.

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